Mark memories !

Drive your communication like never before

Thanks to its ultra-precise 6 DOF simulator born from aeronautical technology, ellip6 is THE solution for all events ! Inaugurations, exhibitions, parties, receptions… Draw the attention of your future prospects, motivate your teams or vehiculate a marketing message with this magic tool. You own a store open all year long ? Boost your sells by installing a simulator !


Stay on track with ellip6

ellip6 means quality. It is the choice of the professional drivers. The simulators, designed and built in France, are the result of extensive research and a pioneering expertise. There are particularly robust. It minimise the maintenance costs.

The cockpit can move and rotate in absolutely all ways (6 DOF movements) to recreate each of the sensations. This system is the most realist and mind-blowing on the market.

The number of tracks and vehicles available is amazing, especially amongst the major motor racing events : Formula 1, WRC, WTCC, NASCAR…






More information

  • Dimension Lxlxh : 2,2×1,75×1,80m
  • Shipping : up to two simulators in a 20m³ truck (normal driving license)
  • Certified by Veritas
  • Connect several simulators as a network to compete in a race against others
  • Cars and tracks sporting your colors !
  • Technical on-call


Check out our documents on our website E6 Concept

3 DOF VR seats MiNi3: model M1, M3 or M6
6 DOF VR seats MiNi6: model U1, U3 or U6
6 DOF VR platform STanD6
6 DOF VR paragliding simulator W1
MoTo simulator
LiTe simulator
ellip6 simulator by Sébastien Loeb Racing

Our qualified teams are also available for material transportation and public reception.

— Don’t hesitate to come and meet us for a trial testing in one of our centres or to contact us directly.