Just kick into high gear

Pure driving sensations

The ellip6 LiTe simulator is a luxury accessory, the ideal gift for all the enthusiasts whose goal is to drive with no limits. Get behind the wheel and test all the tracks and all the vehicles at will. After a WRC special stage in the rain, change the background in the blink of an eye and score some times in a Porsche GT… Everything is possible.

Enjoy the speed, look for the perfect run, improve your driving, pitch yourself against the other online competitors and avoid speeding penalties ! That’s a new dimension to explore.


Benoit Treluyer on his ellip6 Simu-Lite


Only reality catches up with you

A unique system, ruled by some complex equations, produces the movement of the 6 DOF cockpit. It means that the simulator can move and rotate in absolutely all ways. Live the acceleration, the braking, bumps, drifts, the unevenness in the track, the loss of adhesion… With a remarkably accurate force feedback steering wheel, 3 full HD visual display units and an impeccable surround sound , the racing experience is pure and authentic. Nothing is left to chance.


An outstanding know-how

This state of the art marvel is designed, built, and fine-tuned in France. It’s not that simple to list all its assets. The simulator is robust and its finishing of an unconventional cleanliness. Its reasonable size allows it to fit even in rooms that weren’t specially designed for it. This quality product is eco-friendly as it’s energy efficient.

Follow the professional drivers’ choice and benefit from our collaborative effort with the teams in the different championships :

  • Millimeter accuracy in the racing tracks
  • Cars animated with a physically realistic model
  • A striking similarity of the times between the real and the virtual world


Of course, some tailor-made modifications are possible, for the flight simulation in helicopter or plane for example.

Check out our documents on our website E6 Concept

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