Don’t miss the future

ellip6… a capital opportunity !

Relying on its technological mastery and its experience of the industrial world, ellip6, registered trademark by the E6 CONCEPT company, offers you the possibility to develop a reliable and innovative project. ellip6 shares its skills, know-how and numerous assets to allow you to reach your goals of investment and profitability.

This unique concept is a matchless opportunity to diversify your services, both to welcome the general public and the professionals


The ellip6 centre in Pierrelatte

ellip6 simulators


You are not alone

Everything was thought out and planned to support you and optimize your placements. We are offering a complete, flexible and evolving solution :

  • An available and capable technical support
  • A brand image
  • Marketing models and communication blueprints
  • Ingenious solutions for fitting and architecture, that are already implemented or modelled on computer
  • Business plans and financing strategies


Build on a solid foundation

ellip6 means quality. It is the choice or the professional drivers. The simulators, designed and built in France, are the result of extensive research and a pioneering expertise. There are particularly robust. It minimise the maintenance costs and their exploitation doesn’t imply variable expenses.

The cockpit can move and rotate in absolutely all ways (6 DOF movements) to recreate each of the sensations. This system is the most realist and mind-blowing on the market. The cost of an ellip6 simulator stays however much reasonable.

The number of tracks and vehicles available is amazing, especially amongst the major motor racing events : Formula 1, WRC, WTCC, NASCAR…

Our know-how doesn’t stop there. We also offer :

  • Helicopter flying (discovery or advanced training) with anti-torque pedals, a cyclic stick and a collective lever.
  • The 3D dynamic cinema, a simulator ride for the youngest. A 3D movie is screened during the session and the simulator recreates the perceived movements for a complete immersion. Some devices can be added like a blower to render the sensation of the wind.
  • Nitro Stunt Racing, a fun-filled and stunning futurist racing game with loops and huge jumps. With a more arcade flavour, even if the cars behaviour and physics are highly sophisticated.
  • The motorbike simulator, available in two models, motocross or GP. Those simulators have 7 or 8 DOF, allowing the driver to lean during corners.
  • The VR (virtual reality) seats, even more immersive, available as 3 or 6 DOF simulators
  • The VR platforms dedicated to board sports and other activities for which people need to stand, like skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, etc.
  • The VR paraglider, parachute or wingsuit simulator: thanks to a triangular frame suspended by pulleys, this simulator reproduces all movements within the 3 dimensions with high fidelity.
  • The VR bike and mountain bike simulator: 6 DOF, a saddle, handlebars, a VR headset are all that’s needed for a bicycle ride through a forest, or a vertiginous mountain bike ride on the ridge of a hill. Adrenaline high guaranteed!

Other kinds of simulation are at the development stage and we are always open to other proposals.

Of course these devices are networkable and sessions enjoyable together. This is an activity that is renewed continuously and which lifetime is infinite.

Check out our documents on our website E6 concept

3 DOF VR seats MiNi3: model M1, M3 or M6
6 DOF VR seats MiNi6: model U1, U3 or U6
6 DOF VR platform STanD6
6 DOF VR paragliding simulator W1
MoTo simulator
LiTe simulator
ellip6 simulator by Sébastien Loeb Racing
XL simulator
3D ergometer: Pilote Trainer

— Don’t hesitate to come and meet us for a trial testing in one of our centres or to contact us directly.