Times are hard… to improve !

You wish to boost your performances and enhance your training in a simple and economic way ? ellip6 is the ideal solution.

  • Learn the track in close to real conditions
  • Train without any time limitation
  • Develop endurance skills and manage stress
  • Lower training costs (fuel, travel expenses, tire…)
  • Exceed one’s limits with no fear of breakage nor endangering the financial stability of a team
  • Racing together online or on LAN
  • Set-up and fine-tune freely the vehicles physical model


Estaban Ocon

World Series By Renault


We’ve developed a device coupling a DGPS and an inertial system. Which is aimed at achieving acquisitions in real conditions, by recording trajectories, the speed of a sports car and the track profile. All this with centimetric accuracy !

Data can then be treated to fine-tune racing circuits modelisation and the physical model of the vehicles. This step happens on computer and the result can directly be exploited in our simulation software.

A comparison between reality and the virtual world is thus possible. The result is amazing, the car behaviour and the times are absolutely the same as if you were in a genuine race !


There are two options :

Train in the ellip6 centres

  • Welcoming and restaurant services
  • Assistance for setting-up the simulators
  • Dedicated workspace

Buy or hire a simulator

  • Capable and available technical support
  • Tailor made features possible
  • Our data acquisition system is provided



Check out our documents on our website E6 concept

LiTe simulator
ellip6 simulator by Sébastien Loeb Racing
3D ergometer: Pilote Trainer
6 DOF VR seats MiNi6: model U1
MoTo simulator
XL simulator

Already tested and approved by numerous drivers, the ellip6 simulators have became an essential tool to maximise your training. Save money, be efficient and last but not least… gain some time !

— Don’t hesitate to contact us, before your visit in one of our centres or if you plan to get a simulator